Episode Recap

About two days before this episode aired, The Bachelor producers announced that Episode Nine would only be one hour long. Instead of showing the full Fantasy Suite episode, the producers cut the episode into two halves (one hour each), showing one now, with the other half scheduled to air just before the Women Tell All episode.

It felt like very little happened in that hour-long episode. If we really wanted to cut this recap down into one run-on sentence, we could: Andi visited Nick, Corinne was eliminated in a Rose Ceremony, and Nick and Raven had their Fantasy Suite date.

For those of you that are interested, we’ll break the last sentence down a bit.

1. Andi visited Nick

Andi surprised Nick at his hotel room just before Rose Ceremony 8. Why? To wish him luck and encourage him to sleep with all the women if he wants to. Nick apologized to Andi for calling her out for sleeping with him on live television, then she was on her way.

2. Corinne was eliminated in a Rose Ceremony

We’re not too surprised about this one. Though our fondness for Corinne has grown these past few weeks, this elimination was inevitable. Corinne cried a moderate amount, talked about herself, then fell asleep in the limo.

3. Nick and Raven had their fantasy suite date

One things for sure: we’re falling in love with Raven. During this date, Raven professed her love for Nick, told Nick about her sex history (one that’s lacked orgasms altogether), and ultimately agreed to stay in the Fantasy Suite with Nick. Oh, and Nick wore a pretty heinous turtleneck sweater during this date (see GIF above). :/

If you would believe it we are already on episode number seven, six girls remain, and we are only four weeks away from finding out who Nick chooses.  Is it just us or do limo entrances feel like last week? Crazy! Well, the closer we get to the end the more jam packed these episodes get, here’s what you need to know…

Nick Panicked After Sending Danielle L Home Relationships are getting more seriously and deciding to send people home is getting harder for Nick.   He had the girls worried when he went to them expressing his concerns about the process and explaining how he was nervous about how things would end. However, the guy who knows how to

Vanessa Got A Second One On One Date  After a day on the beautiful water relaxing on a yacht, Vanessa walked into a dinner date feeling extremely confident about telling Nick that she was falling in love. Knowing that Nick could not reciprocate, Vanessa still did not get the answer she was looking for (whatever that may have been). He did say that he “really really liked her” but that he was afraid of expressing his feelings too quickly. Strangely enough, Vanessa walked away without a rose but was not sent home. Come to think of it, we didn’t even see a rose on the table. Not exactly sure what happened there…

Group Date Or One On One? Back on yet another yacht, Raven, Kristina, and Corinne headed out for what we expect to be the last group date of the season. While Raven sat back not trying to beg for Nick’s attention, Corinne was devastated to not have all eyes on her despite “looking great on a yacht”. Nope, Kristina seem to be the only one Nick was concerned with on this three on one date. Back on dry land, the tables turned and it was all about Raven who locked in the first hometown date with a rose.

One On One Date Gone Wrong Not entirely sure what happened since the first one on one date in Newport Beach where Danielle M spilled her heart out to Nick but this week there was no chemistry between these two. The forced conversation and awkward silences had us feeling uncomfortable. Needless to say, Danielle was sent home in a tearful goodbye.

Corinne’s Vagine Is Platinum While the rest of the girls were contemplating Danielle’s dismissal, Corinne was busy planning her next move. In a desperate attempt for Nick’s attention, Corinne shows up at Nick’s room ready to show him just how much she cares. Much to our surprise Nick actually shuts her down behind closed doors and send Corinne back to her room. Either this guy has more self control than we give him credit for or he may not be as into Corinne as we had thought.

Everyone Is Talking About Rachel!! She’s still in the game and hasn’t been sent home but yet it’s already been announced, Rachel will be our next bachelorette.  While the timing of the announcement was a bit unorthodox we are not complaining! Counting down the days until we can see Rachel meet her suitors outside the mansion. Great choice, ABC!

The 2 on 1 date had us all feeling on edge at the end of last week’s episode, and the added stress of previews with Taylor coming back after being sent home didn’t help. Taylor felt it was unfair that she was being sent home and that Corinne had been lying to Nick which apparently was grounds for coming back. Nick was having none of it and, once again, sent Taylor back to the van and continued his date with Corinne. In the wise words of Corinne “cats have 9 lives, bitches have 2” and that second life didn’t last too long for Taylor.

We couldn’t leave New Orleans without a dramatic rose ceremony for a proper goodbye. Nick has decided that he’s just over cocktail parties and cancelled yet another one, going straight for the rose ceremony. As emotions get higher and relationships develop these rose ceremonies really do get harder and we were devastated to see the shark dolphin get sent home. However, she wasn’t the only one, as Nick said goodbye to Jaimi and Josephine as well. Less than 20 minutes into this episode and already 4 people sent packing. But the remaining 9 girls were overjoyed to continue on their journey to find love in St. Thomas where the drama continued.

Nick wasted no time after arriving in St. Thomas and whisked Kristina off in a helicopter for a one on one date. We hadn’t learned much about Kristina until this point but we quickly grew to love her after hearing about her family and upbringing. Her incredible story captured Nick’s attention quickly and Kristina received a well deserved rose!

There has never been a more dramatic game of Volleyball… ever!! And to be entirely honest we aren’t exactly sure what happened. It could have been the alcohol or the competition (or maybe some creative editing choices that left us in the dark), but what started as a light hearted game on the beach escalated quickly to bitch-calling, pushing, and of course, lots of tears! Especially from Jasmine who gets sent home by the end of the night. Pro-tip, don’t offer to choke your date.

In case that’s not enough drama for you, we have yet another 2 on 1 date! Two back-to-back episodes of 2-on-1 dates.  So if we are doing our math correctly, between Taylor, Alexis, Jaimi, Josephine, Jasmine, and now this 2 on 1 date, we are now at 6 girls being sent home on this episode. Nick’s truly trimming the fat here.

Danielle L. and Whitney head off for their 2-on-1 date and we still aren’t entirely sure who Whitney is. Before the date even started, Danielle was the frontrunner and we are pretty sure everyone agrees here. Our lucky number 6, Whitney, was sent home at the end of the 2 on 1. Oh but wait, he’s not done yet. In a teary eyed goodbye, Nick sends Danielle L. home as well. Nick, please don’t put us through that again!

It is very safe to say that the drama is just getting started. From the looks of it we are in for even more drama next week…

It comes around every season and it haunts us every time. The 2 on 1 episode is here. There are a few things that we know to always be true about the 2 on 1 date:

  1. It will always include the villain of the season
  2. Someone will definitely go home
  3. There will definitely be drama!!


So who comes to mind this season for the infamous 2 on 1 date? Corinne! And who else would she be up against except Taylor who wants Corinne to go home more than she wants herself to stay. Let the battle of emotional intelligence begins (by the way, we tried counting how many times the phrase was used and lost count at 16…)


We thought that last season took the cake for the worst setting for a 2 on 1 date. Have you all forgotten about Chad being left in the forest to survive on his own white Jojo and Alex went on happily ever after (well not ever after). Well Nick kicked it up a notch by involving gators.  The main event of the date involved a psychic in the middle of the nowhere but that was easily forgotten after the drama that ensued while each girl got some time to speak with Nick. We will never understand how these girls fight for alone time with this guy only to use it to bitch about each other, but that’s not the point. Corinne expressed how she was feeling bullied and Taylor told Nick that (shocker!) Corinne lacked emotional intelligence. It is important to note, however, that while speaking with the psychic, Corinne did ask how to make a voodoo doll after a particular person. Hmm I wonder who you’re referring to, Corinne? Well apparently those dolls work because the date came to an end with Nick saying goodbye to Taylor and Corinne walked away with Nick into the sunset. Another week of naps, room service, and champagne with this one!!


Unfortunately anything great that happened on this episode was overshadowed by the drama of Taylor vs. Corinne. However there was some really great things that transpired while these two were fighting and sulking. Rachel received the 1 on 1 date and man do these two have chemistry. Rachel and Nick danced around the streets of New Orleans all day and could not keep their hands off of each other. They walked through street markets, tried on Mardi Gras masks, listened to bar tunes, and dined in a room filled with parade floats. While there weren’t any helicopters on this date, it was still pretty amazing. That night walls were torn down while Rachel and Nick learned more about each other and Nick admitted that he was “super into her”. Safe to say we are definitely team Rachel!!

Another episode has come and gone and here are a few of our biggest take aways:  

  • Vanessa is not playing around We picked up where we left off with Vanessa telling Nick like it is. Vanessa was not the only one that was upset about Corinne’s stunt in the bounce house but she sure has no problem vocalizing it to Nick and questioned his intentions with the process. Nick addressed Vanessa’s concerns and let her know that he did care about her.

  • Danielle L is a little innocentDanielle received the one on one date in Nick’s hometown. While the date itself wasn’t all that exciting (who bakes cookies on a Bachelor date?) they definitely got into some heavy conversation about Danielle’s upbringing, insecurities, and got to know each other well. Nick was clearly feeling more connected by the end of the date and gave Danielle a rose.

  • Nick had a few girlfriends growing up (though he has more currently)! Shocking, but Nick is kinda a player and we found out all about it when the girls went to Nick’s hometown of Milwaukee. Not only did Nick have a run in with one of his ex’s while on a one-on-one date but he also made note of every location that he had a first, breakup, or hookup with a girl in his past. Hint: not great first date conversation topics, Nick!

  • Corrine says poopie a lot! On the group date the girl’s were asked to take on some of the daily tasks of a cheese farm and some of those tasks did require shoveling up after the cows. Not surprisingly, this was not okay in Corinne’s book and she decided to distance herself from the rest of the group which they did not take kindly to. Big shocker: Corinne was hated for the remainder of the date. The girls found strength in numbers ganging up against Corinne who found nothing wrong with her actions. No sweat off her back and Rachel received the group date rose! Another successful group date in the books…

  • Raven is good on roller skates That’s right, this week had not one but two one-on-one dates. But if we are gonna be honest, Raven definitely got the best date of the week. No she didn’t get swept away in a helicopter but she didn’t have to scoop up “poopie” and she got to hang out with Nick’s family. Definitely a win in my mind!  Nick took Raven to his little sister’s soccer game (which was adorable) and despite Raven’s rather bad eye contact, she really hit it off with the family. So much so that she even got invited to the roller rink post game. We were impressed, and we think Nick was too!

  • Taylor (and every other girl) is not a fan of Corinne Taylor decided that it was her responsibility to voice her opinion on the behalf of the rest of the house and tell Corinne how it is. Their confrontation included everything that makes The Bachelor so great; cussing, emotional attacking, and some real deep digs.

The “to be continued” left us with that cliff hanger and we have to wait a whole nother week until we learn how that catfight ended.

Until next week Bachelor nation…

We left off last week with no rose ceremony and a group of confused and disgruntled girls who just found out that not only has Liz been sent home but that Nick had known Liz before the show aired. We had to wait a whole seven days before we found out what happened…

Episode 3 kicked off with a cocktail party and, not surprisingly, most conversations revolved about Liz and Nick’s decision to send her home. However good conversations were had and ultimately a rose ceremony was called for 23 girls, of which only 22 girls showed up (don’t mess with Corinne’s nap time). Nick said goodbye to Elizabeth Whitelaw, Hailey Merkt, and Lacey Mark leaving 19 women left.

Our group date this week featured The Backstreet Boy (AKA the dream date of every teenage girl in the 90s). Six of the girls were brought to a studio in Burbank to learn choreography to “Everybody!” and were asked to perform with the band later that night. While most of the girls enjoyed the chance to dance with the band and show off their moves to Nick, Corinne was not feeling the boys or herself. After not getting the choreography, Corrine ran to the bathroom crying, “I’m not a cry baby … like whenever the attention’s not on me I’m gonna get upset … like no that’s not it.” Save the drama for your nanny, Corinne.

The next date card had Vanessa’s name on it and after the chaos of date number one we were ready to turn up the romance. While we hadn’t gotten the chance to learn much about Vanessa yet we already knew we were going to like her. And if we might add, the date was insane! Nick took Vanessa on a once in a lifetime trip to experience no gravity. The two floated around in a plane, kissed and cuddled (in the air) and had us all thinking that things were just perfect, until Vanessa started puking. For all times for your stomach to not cooperate, a first date on national television has to be on the top of the list. But Nick was so sweet to Vanessa as she continued to reach for a white vomit bag and it was clear that he really did like her as he continued to kiss her. It is safe to say Vanessa might be one of our new favorites… but we’re still cheering for the shark too.

Well, we made it through the first episode and have wrapped up the limo intros. With that behind us, bring on the hot tubs, cat fights, group dates, and everything else that makes the Bachelor so amazing.

Kicking off the first group date was a card reading “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”. Entering a garden and greeted by a photographer, half the girls were told to dress in wedding dresses ranging in style from 70’s conservative all the way to an Eve inspired ensemble. The other half of the girls were less pleased to hear that they were to dress as bridesmaids.

During the photo shoots, most of the girls took the romantic wedding theme to heart with an innocent kiss here and there while Corinne took things to a whole new level with a risky move taking her top off for the camera.

Not surprisingly, the girls were pretty unimpressed with this move but her strategy apparently worked out well for her because she won some alone time with Nick after the date. Drama continued to boil over throughout the end of the group date as it always does but in the end, Corinne walked away with the group date rose.

Danielle received the first one on one date and also our first helicopter date but it wasn’t your average helicopter date. This helicopter date landed on a yacht in Newport Beach and also included our first hot tub date… on a yacht. For how beautiful the setting was, the conversation turned heavy when Danielle revealed to Nick that she had lost her fiance to a drug overdose a few years back. The two had a great and otherwise uneventful date which ended with a rose for Danielle.

On the second group date of week one, Nick chose to take the girls to a museum about breakups of all places. As if it isn’t awkward enough to go on a date with five girls, Nick kicked the awkwardness up a notch by showing the girls an exhibit with a dead rose and the engagement ring that he had picked out for Kaitlyn. Continuing along the awkward theme, the girls were then instructed to act out a breakup with the man that they were trying to start a relationship with.

Liz took this as an opportunity to reveal her past with Nick in front of a live audience making everyone incredibly uncomfortable (including us viewers at home). With the cat out of the bag, Nick and Liz had a long overdue conversation about their night together after Jade and Tanner’s wedding culminating in the not-so-happily-ever-after dismissal from Nick.

Episode 2 was filled with a lot of drama and we are expecting nothing less from the duration of the season. From the previews, it looks like we can expect lots of drama, lots of interesting dates, and lots and lots of tears. Can’t wait!

The Bachelor is officially upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet the ladies that will be vying for Nick Viall’s heart.

Here’s a breakdown of the first episode (on a need to know basis, of course):

  • Ben Higgins, Sean Lowe, and Chris Soules had a pep talk with Nick, telling him how to handle the next couple months and giving him advice for making his relationship stick.
  • A girl named Alexis wore a left shark costume and claimed to be a dolphin all night (see image above).
  • Jasmine G. brought Neil Lane with her. She showed Nick what engagement ring she would like.
  • Nick once hooked up with a girl at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, and that girl, Liz, has come onto the show this season. They began talking about how they did, indeed, know each other, but quickly got interrupted.
  • Corinne, a woman on the show, has a nanny. Her family also owns a multi-million dollar company…
  • A whole lot of women wore red dresses.
  • Rachel had the biggest impact on Nick, earning the First Impression Rose.


So… who went home? Angela, Briana, Ida Marie, Jasmine B., Lauren, Michelle, Olivia and Susannah.

Until next week!