A Bachelor Celeb-Filled Weekend At iHeartRadio Music Festival

By Bach Bracket

October 1st, 2016

iHeartRadio’s Music Festival was this past weekend, and if your Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter following list looks anything like ours, then you were probably FOMOing hardcore. Thanks to the hundreds of Snapchats, Instagram posts, and tweets this weekend, we got to enjoy quite a few of our favorite Bachelor celebs from afar. After some solid social stalking, we can’t help but wonder – did the Bach celebs spend anytime actually listening to the music?

Once the word spread about so many Bachelor alums making their way to Vegas, Kaitlyn Bristowe took to Snapchat to share her, well, bitterness. She snapped a photo of herself, captioned, “Wait…. do only the people who aren’t happily engaged get invited to Vegas?” After a bit of backlash from JJ Lane, Kaitlyn deleted the Snapchat and took to Twitter, saying:

But that didn’t stop JJ from trolling, per usual.


Obviously we obsessed over a quite a few photos, as some of our favorite Bachelor alumni partied it up for a fun-filled weekend, despite the drama between JJ and Kaitlyn.


Ben and Lauren shared that the first day of the festival was also the same day they met one year ago. Aw, happy meetiversary you two!



Wells was also in attendance this weekend, as was the infamous…


Ashley I. Not to mention, Luke, Becca, and Chris Soules were all in attendance as well.


They even whipped out some nice dance moves. The guy in the back looks real excited about them.


Let’s not forget that the most recent Bachelorette, Joelle Fletcher, was also there, sporting matching leather outfits with Jordan Rodgers! Get it JoJo!


Speaking of JoJo – Robby and Chase were also in attendance. Wonder how that reunion went down.

Well, those are some of our favs, but you should still check out all the photos if you missed them. The weekend looked like it was so much fun even though there had to be some awkward reunions… to be a fly on that wall.

Meanwhile back in Bachland Nick Viall was busy filming the newest season of The Bachelor. Have we mentioned that our Bachelor league signups are opening soon? Stay tuned…