A Letter From Our Founders

By Bach Bracket

June 30th, 2021

Hello Bach Nation, 

We wanted to take this time to write a letter, from us to you, to tell you a little more about our story, and what we’re doing on our side to make your fantasy Bachelor experience better than ever. 

As some of you might know, we (Jess, Kaitlyn, Lexi, Mary) started Bach Bracket back in 2016 because we LOVE The Bachelor, and, back then, there really wasn’t such a thing as a fantasy Bachelor league online. We had played in our own ‘league’ together for years, sending over our picks via text – and keeping score in a Google Sheet (a lot like how we do for all of you now!) 

One day, over a weekday meal in LA that probably lasted far too long & included a little too much wine to be considered a ‘work lunch’, we drew the framework of Bach Bracket where every great idea gets its start – on the back of some cocktail napkins. We were so excited that we called a web developer friend of ours on our way back to the office & asked how much it would cost to design our first version. He said $750, and we said ‘We’re in!” 

Several weeks later, we were emailed a series of PDF mockups of the site, and an invoice for $750. In all of our excitement (and naivete) we didn’t realize that in tech speak, design doesn’t mean develop. We had a beautiful picture of what Bach Bracket could be… but definitely no Bach Bracket. When we got the actual quote for getting a full-functioning site built, we were shocked. Like, talk to your husbands/boyfriends to make sure they are comfortable with you dipping into your savings, shocked. But after seeing our vision in those wireframe images, we couldn’t resist making it a reality. 
 Shoutout to Lexi’s mom, who made us take this team picture the night Bach Bracket went live in 2016! 
Our first season online was for Bachelor in Paradise season 3. We had a little over 300 users – almost all of which were our immediate families, best friends, co-workers, and others who had never even seen The Bachelor but couldn’t resist our frequent & persistent begging for support. When we hit 5,000 users later that year, we popped champagne at Lexi’s house & were so excited we all cried. 

Now, 5 years later, things are a little different. For the last several years, we have been the largest & most used Bachelor fantasy site online. We still pop champagne when we hit new milestones, but as any of you who have experienced the SUPER FUN times on premiere night when the site just cannot hang know, maintaining a site that supports over 500,000 users is not easy, and it definitely isn’t cheap. Even with so many users, we still haven’t profited a penny. 

You may have seen a lot of ads recently on our website as well as in our emails. Ads suck. We know this. But we are actively putting these ads in place so we can generate enough revenue to build something bigger and better for all of you. Bigger servers, cleaner designs, more exciting features. Every dollar we make goes right back into improving Bach Bracket. So, please, bare with us as this is how we’ll be able to take Bach Bracket to the next level. 

The more revenue we can generate, the quicker we can build a better product and experience for you! So, here is our humble ask:
If you know any brands that would be interested in sponsoring Bach Bracket, please let us know! Brands can sponsor leagues, rules, emails, drinking games, and more.
If you see a sponsor that you like on the site or in our email, support them! By supporting them, you indirectly support us.
Follow us on InstagramTwitterFacebook, & TikTok. Not only do we share great content, but your engagement gives us access to more ad revenue & sponsorship opportunities.
Lastly, trust that if the site goes down or we miss a scoring moment, we’re always doing our best to fix it. 

At the end of the day, we are just 4 women who love The Bachelor, whose cocktail napkin dreams got a lot bigger than they’d ever imagined.