Advanced League Rules

How Advanced Leagues Work

Choose a team of contestants each week, and depending on what those contestants do and say during the episode, earn or lose points based on the following rules:

Patreon Rule of the Week Episode 3 (1/24/22): +5 Contestant refers to Clayton as their “soulmate.”

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One Time Positive Points

+5Contestant receives second overall rose on night one (awarded on top of regular rose bonus): COMPLETED by Teddi in Episode 1 (1/3)
+5First solo time with Clayton (after limos): COMPLETED by Susie in Episode 1 (1/3)
+5First official hometown date
+5First Fantasy Suite date to air
+5First to say the word “football”: COMPLETED by Gabby in Episode 1 (1/3)
+10Contestant receives First Impression Rose: COMPLETED by Teddi in Episode 1 (1/3)
+10First kiss with Clayton after limo intros end: COMPLETED by Teddi in Episode 1 (1/3)
+10First person to mention their child to Clayton
+10First person to meet a member of Clayton’s family
+15First contestant to tell Clayton “I am falling in love with you”
+20First person to say “I love you” to Clayton
+20First contestant Clayton says “I love you” to
+25Contestant gets engaged to Clayton


One Time Penalties

-5First contestant to make another contestant cry: COMPLETED by Cassidy in Episode 2 (1/10)
-10First person to mention a previous lead from 2021 (Matt, Katie, or Michelle): COMPLETED by Teddi in Episode 1 (1/3)
-10First person to get sent home on a one-on-one date
-10First person to be accused of being there for the “wrong reasons”
-15First person to lean in for a kiss but get rejected


First Episode Only

+5Contestant compliments Clayton for being good-looking/cute/handsome, etc. during first episode
+5Contestant brings a prop to their limo intro
+5Contestant wears a costume or uniform to their limo intro
+10Contestant rides in on something other than a limo at limo intros
+10Contestant kisses Clayton on lips at limo intro
+10Speaks a language other than English during limo intros


Once Per Episode Per Contestant

+5Contestant is seen on camera in a bathing suit/bikini
+5Contestant is seen eating (food must be seen entering mouth)
+5Contestant sings or raps
+5Contestant is seen in hot tub
+5Kisses Clayton
+5Kisses Clayton on a bed (both contestant and Clayton must be on the bed)(on top of kissing bonus)
+5Kisses Clayton in water (both contestant & Clayton in ocean/pool/hot tub)(on top of kissing bonus)
+5Contestant gives Clayton a wraparound/jump & straddle hug (Clayton picks up contestant and she wraps her legs around him)
+5Contestant asks if they can “steal” Clayton away from another contestant
+5Uses the word “connection” or “journey”
+5Horseback riding date
+5Live musician (solo with Clayton)
+5Date involves live animals
+5Contestant is featured speaking in a post-credit scene (laughing does not count)
+5Receives the final rose in a regular rose ceremony
+5Performs in front of a live crowd of people (10+ people)
+5Contestant catches a ball during a date
+10Boat ride with Clayton (not a personal watercraft)
+10Rides in a plane/helicopter with Clayton
+10Dances 1-on-1 with Clayton
+10Contestant wins a group competition (can be individually or as part of group)
+10Naked in front of Clayton (Fantasy Suite = naked, unless explicitly said otherwise)
+10Clayton is shirtless while one-on-one with contestant
+10Kiss outside in the rain or snow (on top of kissing bonus)
+10Clayton tells contestant “I’m falling in love with you”
+10A past Bachelor-franchise contestant/lead makes a cameo on a date the contestant is on (hosts don’t count)
+10Meets a friend of Clayton’s while on a one-on-one date (virtually or in person)
+10Contestant plays a musical instrument
+15Has 1-on-1 conversation with Jesse Palmer
+15Date includes fireworks
+15Contestant wins solo time after a group date (2-on-1 or more)


Can Be Earned Multiple Times Per Episode Per Contestant

+1Contestant receives rose (with points equal to the episode number (episode 1 = 1 point, episode 2 = 2 points, etc.))
+5Contestant is chosen for a date
+5First to be seen hugging Clayton during a group date
+5Contestant receives rose during a date (on top of regular rose bonus)
+5Contestant refers to Clayton as her “boyfriend”
+5Contestant says “I’m here for you/him/Clayton”
+5Reads the date card
+5Contestant says “I am ready for/to fall in love”
+5Contestant says “I can/do see a future with you/him/Clayton”
+10Contestant says someone is “Not here for the right reasons”
+10Contestant is seen feeding Clayton (food must be seen entering Clayton’s mouth)
+10Contestant says “I don’t want this to end”
+10Jumping into water holding hands with Clayton
+15Contestant is seen popping a bottle of champagne
+15Contestant says “I’m not here to make friends”


Negative Points – Once Per Episode Per Contestant

-5Contestant is seen taking a shot
-5Contestant sneaks into Clayton’s residence outside of sanctioned date time
-5Clayton says contestant “won’t/will not/hasn’t open(ed) up”
-10Leaves in the middle of a rose ceremony
-10Dumped or leaves on their own accord outside of a rose ceremony
-10Crashes a date (shows up without an invite)
-10Steals Clayton from another contestant when she already has a rose
-15Contestant says: “I’m not ready for marriage” / “I’m not ready to get married” / “I’m not ready to get/be engaged”
-15Non-sanctioned violence (push, punch) against another contestant (e.g. a contestant on a wrestling date would not lose points)
-15Selected for a 2-on-1 date
-20Requires an ambulance being called
-20Contestant’s ex shows up