Ambulance Appearances On The Bachelor Franchise

By Bach Bracket

August 23rd, 2016

What would Bachelor In Paradise be without a dramatic ambulance trip to the hospital?! We only had to wait three weeks to see those sirens this season, lucky us! Realistically, previews aside, we weren’t very surprised to see Evan get wheeled away. While he wasn’t the most accident-prone guy on Jojo’s season (Poor James T.) he certainly knows how to get attention, specifically from Carly.


We still aren’t exactly sure what happened here but our guess is that Evan had a little too much tequila, passed out, and failed to respond to the producers they came to wake him. But don’t feel too bad for him, he felt much better once Carly got into bed to take care of him. Well played, Evan.

But like we said, The Bachelor franchise is no stranger to this kind of drama. In fact, let’s reflect on some of the most dramatic ambulances appearances in Bachelor history…


We simply cannot talk about dramatic ambulance appearances without talking about Kelsey from Chris’ season. Remember Kelsey? The one who talked about the “tragic, but amazing” loss of her fiancé? Well, while everyone else was waiting on a rose ceremony, Kelsey fell to the floor in a hotel hallway having a panic attack. When the paramedics arrived they gave her some water and she was back on her feet in about 20 minutes, but not before saying “I’m for sure getting a rose now”.  The worst part is that she was right – she did get a rose that night.


It didn’t take long for the medical drama to start on Kaitlyn’s season either, though that probably had something to do with the fact that Kaitlyn thought that boxing would be a good idea. On her first group date, Kaitlyn took a big group on the guys to really show off how manly they are and how hard they are willing to fight for Kaitlyn’s love and attention.  It was all fun and games until Jared (a restaurant manager) went head to head with Ben Z. (a rather large personal trainer) and started seeing stars. Ben got a good hit to the side of Jared’s head and it was all downhill from there. Jared was carted off to the hospital minutes later and the competition got a little lighter for the remaining boys. But don’t you worry, Jared got plenty of attention from Katilyn after returning from the hospital that night.


Last but not least, there was Tierra on Sean Lowe’s season, who was hands down one of the most dramatic contestants in Bachelor franchise history. While on a group date in Canada, Sean and the girls decided to jump into the frozen lake to complete a challenge called the Polar Bear Plunge. The water was undoubtedly cold but everyone got out of the water, wrapped up in towels, and warmed up quickly. But no, not Tierra. Instead, Tierra got hypothermia from the lake water. She was pulled from the water from the rescue team and gladly cuddled up to Sean to warm up. Needless to say, the other girls did not take too kindly to this and the drama was just getting started.

Moral of the story: if you want attention from the Bachelor(ette), call the ambulance!