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Choose a new team each week. Your players earn or lose points based on these rules.

+10 Points – Almost Famous Podcast Rule of the Week (9/28 Episode): Tune into the Almost Famous Podcast each week for Ben and Ashley’s rule announcement. These rules will be announced during Tuesday night’s podcast episode and will be in effect for the episode the following week. Next week’s rule is announced at the 5:05 mark of the “InviTayshia” episode.  Subscribe to the pod!

One Time Bonuses

Can only be earned one time by one contestant during the season. 


+5 Points

Contestant receives first ever rose at a rose ceremony (Episode 2: Jessenia, given by Ivan)
First to ask someone on a date with date card (Episode 1: Abigail)
First to be asked on a date with date card (Episode 1: Noah, asked by Abigail)

+10 Points

First kiss of the season (Episode 1: Connor B. and Maurissa)
First person to be told “I love you”

One Time Penalties

Can only be lost one time by one contestant during the season.


-5 Points

Mentions Stagecoach (rule credit: @tlclayton_)

Positive Points

Can only be earned once per episode, by multiple contestants.


+5 Points

Kisses another contestant on the lips
Kisses another contestant on the lips during an official date (on top of kissing bonus)
Contestants kiss in water (both contestants must be in water)(on top of all kissing bonuses)
Contest says “I came here to find love”
Contestant receives a rose during rose ceremony
Contestant is shown eating during the episode (food must be seen entering mouth)
Contestant holds prop or wears costume in paradise credit intro (max one point bonus per contestant all season)
Contestant swims/wades in ocean (rule credit: @treeleopard)
Contestant talks to bartender 1-on-1 (rule credit: @busy_introverting)
Date involves live animals
Contestant is featured speaking in a post-credit scene (laughing & previously aired footage does not count)

+10 Points

Refers to another contestant as their “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”
Past Bach contestant/Bachelor(ette) makes a cameo on a date
Has 1-on-1 conversation with BIP host
Dances 1-on-1 with another contestant
Jumping into water holding hands with another contestant (running into water does not count)
Contestant wears a helmet on a date
Contestant asks to “steal” someone from another contestant
Couple has 1-on-1 time in the hot tub
Horseback riding date
Live musician during a 1-on-1 date

+15 Points

Has offsite overnight date
Boat ride on date (personal watercraft does not count)
Gets asked on two dates (from a date card) in the same episode
Goes to fantasy suite with another contestant
Plane ride on date

+25 Points

Gets engaged


Can be earned multiple times per episode, by multiple contestants.

+5 Points

Receives a date card to give out
Contestant says someone is “Not here for the right reasons”
Contestant says “This is a beautiful place to fall in love”

+10 Points

Contestant is asked on a date
Contestant says “I’m not here to make friends”

+15 Points

Contestant says they’re “falling in love” with another contestant

Negative Points


Can be lost once per episode, by multiple contestants.


-5 Points

Contestant is seen taking a shot of alcohol (alcohol must be seen entering mouth)
Word is bleeped out
Gets rejected when asking another contestant on a date (rule credit: @renae_smith)

-10 Points

Refers to self in third person (either by name or nickname)

-15 Points

Requires paramedics/onsite medics (rule credit @_.hannahalexander)
Leaves of their own accord