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BIP Season 7

Are you ready for Bachelor in Paradise Season 7? The answer to that is a hard no if you don’t have a drinking game to compliment the dramatic and sometimes cringe-worthy show. Let’s be honest, what is Bachelor in Paradise without a glass (or bottle) of wine to go alongside it?

We’ve created a drinking game for #BachelorNation that pairs perfectly with Bachelor in Paradise. With easy to follow rules, you’ll find that this game makes the show THAT much better.

Print it, share it, do whatever you may with it, but whatever you do, be sure to follow these rules and don’t bow out!

Written rules.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for drunken shenanigans or Tuesday morning hangovers that occur as a result of playing along. Enjoy.

Take one drink if:

  • Someone is taken out by a wave
  • A tropical creature is shown
  • A contestant is shown eating
  • A contestant has an offsite date
  • Two contestants kiss
  • Boat ride

Take two drinks if:

  • Contestant says “quarantine”, “unprecedented”, or “bubble”
  • Live music during a date
  • A contestant has a black box over them
  • A past Bachelor or Bachelorette makes a cameo
  • A contestant has a 1 on 1 conversation with a host or bartender
  • Contestant refers to another contestant as their boyfriend or girlfriend

Finish your drink if:

  • Someone is kicked off the show for misconduct
  • A double date occurs (date card must call for a 2 on 2)
  • An ambulance or paramedic arrives

Bachelor in Paradise Drinking Game - 2021