The Bachelor Tweet Recap 02/05/2018

By Bach Bracket

February 5th, 2018

It’s the highly anticipated 2-on-1 date night!

We open in Paris.

First up is a riveting date with Lauren B.

Next was a Moulin Rogue group date where Bekah was the standout.

Finally the producers gave the people what they wanted. A 2-on-1 where Kendall was thoughtful, mature, and empathetic, and Krystal was Krystal.

And we finally said goodbye to Krystal.

Jacqueline finally got a one-on-one, but they had some car trouble and shoe trouble.

She got a rose, but Arie found a way to ruin that moment.

We said goodbye to Jenna & Chelsea at the rose ceremony, and Arie announced the next stop: Tuscany!