The Bachelorette Drinking Game

By Bach Bracket

May 1st, 2017

Let’s face it. Mondays without Chris Harrison are the worst. The weekend is over, your Twitter feed is empty, and your wine fridge is way too full. Thankfully, purpose will soon be restored to our lives – and after possibly the least romantic, most emotionally unintelligent season of The Bachelor ever, (plz stay happy with Vanessa, Nick – Bachelor Nation can’t go round 5)… god knows we’re ready for some quality entertainment. Lucky for us, The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 22 and we are already counting on it being one of the best seasons ever. Unlike Mike Fleiss, we don’t say that every season.

As you probably know, here at Bach Bracket, when we’re not stalking contestants on Instagram or making snarky live tweets, we’re drinking wine. This season will be no different. In fact, in addition to our Bachelorette Drinking Game that we’ve created for the whole season, we’ve also put together this gem below for the premiere. So join a leaguemake your picks, and fill your glasses because Season 13 of The Bachelorette is about to begin.

The Bachelorette Drinking Game – Rachel Lindsay, Season 13

One Sip

  • Every time someone mentions being “color blind”
  • Every time someone mentions Rachel being a lawyer
  • Anytime someone says “here for the right reasons”
  • When one guy is the only one shirtless in the group of guys
  • When someone gets sent home outside the rose ceremony
  • When the boys have to perform in front of a live crowd of people
  • When the boys spy on Rachel during a 1 on 1 date
  • Whenever someone gets injured
  • Contestant receives rose outside of a ceremony
  • Hot tub date

Two Sips

  • A group date is announced
  • One of the guy sings to Rachel
  • Whenever someone says “falling in love”
  • Anytime Rachel mentions Nick
  • When Chris Harrison announces “the final rose tonight”
  • Someone talks about being cheated on
  • Makeout

Finish Your Drink

  • One of the guys cries
  • When someone says they are in love with Rachel  (not falling)
  • Whenever the guys start fighting

The Bachelorette Premiere, Limo Entrances Drinking Game


One Sip

  • Uses a prop
  • Introduction rhymes
  • Mentioned a child
  • References her job
  • References her race
  • Tries to be funny
  • Mentions something about Nick
  • Whenever someone mentions the first impression rose
  • When someone shows up wearing something other than a suit

Think of a great rule we missed? It’s possible. Let us know in the comments below & it might get added to the official game!