Bachelorette Tweet Roundup 6/5/17

By Bach Bracket

June 6th, 2017

And here we are in Week 3.

Tired of Whaboom and not sure who 30% of the contestants are

— Bachelor Burn Book (@bachelorburnbk) June 6, 2017

The only important thing to come out of the rose ceremony:

Which led us to Lucas and Blake, well, being Lucas and Blake.

One thing all of Twitter agreed on is, we love Peter.

We had a group date on Ellen, where the guys tore their shirts off Magic Mike style, and we didn’t hate it.

Did we mention Peter was there?

Group date #2 included wrestling, which no surprise, included a lot of Kenny

He may have shown off a little 😉

There was no rose ceremony at the end, again, and a lot of drama, but nothing as shocking as finding out no there will be no Bachelorette next week. ABC, Who hurt you?