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Bachelor Tweet Roundups

The Bachelor Tweet Recap 02/12/2018

Count down to hometowns.

First Tuscany date is Becca

Where she was relatable as hell.

She got the rose, but Arie left everyone confused.

Between the solo dates, Jacqueline visited Arie in his room and said her goodbyes.

Next up, Lauren B. While our feelings haven’t changed, Arie’s have.

While most of us saw the same old Lauren,

Leave it to Twitter.

Seinne’s date was next. Ultimately she did not get the rose, but we all know she’s too good for Arie.

Last, the group date. Three girls, two roses. Kendall got the first rose.

Tia used her time to talk about another girl. She broke a cardinal rule, but still managed to get a rose.

Meaning we said goodbye to Bekah. We are pretty confident the age gap played a part.

We can’t say we didn’t see it coming,

but we are looking forward all the BIPs.