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Bachelorette Tweet Roundups

Bachelorette Tweet Roundup 6/27/17

One Week. Two Episodes. Three Rose Ceremonies.

We picked up where we left off last night… And, DEUCES LEE.

But based on last week’s preview, we were a little confused.

We got distracted by the lack of Peter though, so…we let it go

There was a rose ceremony and things happened. The most important thing was Peter looking fly as hell.

Eric had a one-on-one, so of course that made us think about Peter.

There was a group date, where Kenny’s eye actually got hurt, but we were focused on one thing.

Kenny headed home at the end of the group date, which was sad, but guess who saved the day?

We made it to an awkward one-on-one with Will, and had quite a bit of time left.. Like enough time for a rose ceremony?


To say there were a couple surprises, two specifically, would be accurate.

We were also surprised (read: sad/confused/hurt/angry) about Alex.

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