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Bachelorette Tweet Roundups

Bachelorette Tweet Roundup 7/10/17

After A Repeat Last Monday, We Needed This.

Thank you ABC.

So we find out right away there will be no rose ceremony this week. Don’t worry Rach, we’re used to it. As long as we get more Peter, we’ll forgive you.

And the first 1-on-1 goes to Bryan. Although some of us still need convincing.

Rachel treats her man to a fancy car ride…

and one fancy watch.

Rachel had a great time, but again, not everyone was convinced.

Up next, Dean. To say the date started off poorly, well:

But after a heart to heart, he pulls through.

Last 1-on-1, but most certainly not least, goes to Peter.

Okay, that was just twitter appreciating Peter. The date itself was something out of The Notebook.

Except some creative editing led us to believe otherwise.

Why do we still fall for this nonsense?

Some people felt quite the opposite though…

And then we had a 3-on-1 with Eric… and those other two guys

In a shocking (not at all) twist, she chose Eric.

To be fair, in his three minutes of airtime, Matt actually seemed like a great guy.


Image copyright Sam Howzit, and used via Creative Commons Attribution License. Some rights reserved by the photographer.

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