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Bachelorette Tweet Roundups

The Bachelorette Tweet Recap 06/11/2018

It’s Week 3 & Twitter Recaps Are Back.

Keeping drama front and center, we open with a group date that includes Colton & Tia.

Jordan was also there and also the worst.

That was followed up by a one-on-one date with Chris and a singer no one recognized

To be fair, most people were distracted by Chris and trying to figure out where they had seen him before.

If you were unlucky enough to watch the ET airing, you got an extra one-on-one.

That brought us to the crazy violent situation that landed David in the hospital…

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the only ambulance of the episode.

In a football game group date our beloved professional football player got an injury that ultimately ended in him saying his goodbyes.

And of course to top the night off, no rose ceremony.