Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bach Bracket?

If fantasy football and The Bachelor franchise had a love child – its name would be Bach Bracket. You can join a league with fellow Bach lovers, or create one and compete against your friends, family, and coworkers. Choose between multiple game types from March Madness-like brackets (First Impression) to pick'em leagues where you predict who you think will receive a rose at each ceremony (Rose to Rose and Confidence Pool) to fantasy football for The Bachelor (Advanced) games. Throughout the season, leagues are automatically scored, and winners can earn prizes and/or bragging rights, depending on the league they choose.

What are the different league types?

We have a variety of different league types for you to choose from, fit for every Bachelor fan. You can make choices each week about which contestants will get a rose (Rose to Rose League), choose a team of contestants each week and score points based on what they do and say during the episode (Advanced League), or make a bracket for the entire season after watching the first episode (First Impression League). New this season: Confidence Pool - a Rose to Rose league with a twist. Make your choices weekly about which contestants will get a rose, but Rank how confident you are that each contestant will receive one. The higher you rank each contestant, the more confident you are that they will advance, and thus the more points you will receive if you are correct.

How do I join a league?

You can create your own league, browse public leagues, or join a private league through an email invitation/sharing of the league link.

What is the difference between a public and private league?

A public league can be joined by anyone, while a private league requires a special invitation to join. If you’re creating the league, you get to choose, so decide how exclusive you’re feeling and go for it.

When can I start making picks?

Except for First Impression leagues, picks will be available as soon as the current season's contestants are officially announced by ABC. No spoilers here! First Impression League picks are to be made for the entire season, and will open up after Episode 1 airs and lock for the season before Episode 2 airs at 7pm CST.

How do I make picks?

We’re glad you asked. This is the most important part of the game. You can make your picks by navigating to your league and choosing contestants for each ceremony/episode. Picks save automatically after clicking on contestants, so no need to look for a 'save' button. For Advanced Leagues, you will choose a team of contestants each week (usually 6 contestants or fewer), and for Rose to Rose/Confidence Pool leagues, you will choose who you think will receive a rose and advance to the next week. First Impression picks should be made for the entire season at one time; picks will open up after Episode 1 but lock for the season before Episode 2 airs at 7pm CST.

When do brackets lock each week?

Brackets will lock immediately when the episode begins on the East Coast to avoid spoilers for anyone. West Coast - this means you need to make sure your picks are made a few hours before each episode. Picks will open up for the next week after the episode airs.

For Advanced Leagues, do Commissioners create the rules or are they determined by Bach Bracket?

To allow for automated scoring, all rules for the Advanced league will be chosen by Bach Bracket. These rules will be solidified and announced prior to the beginning of new season. You can see the rules for the current season by navigating to your Advanced League game type and clicking on the Rules tab.

Where can I see a breakdown of points awarded each week?

We post a scoring recap every week that lets you know what points were awarded & why for each league type. You can find it on the navigation menu within the app part of the site.

When are episodes scored?

Scores are posted an hour or so after the episode ends on the west coast.* *Rose to Rose & First Impression leagues are updated only after episodes which contain a rose ceremony.