How Does Bach Bracket’s Bachelor Fantasy League Work?

By Bach Bracket

December 19th, 2017

The Bachelor Fantasy League Starts Soon!

The longest Bachelor draught aka worst part of the year is coming to a close, which means in just a few short weeks, or lives will have meaning again. That’s right, Bachelor Nation, season 22 of The Bachelor is about to begin. Now that we’ve (partially) recovered from the devastating news that Peter will not be The Bachelor, we think we’re ready to give Arie a chance to steal our hearts like he almost stole Emily’s.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how the Bach Bracket fantasy league works, so we thought we’d lay out all the details in one convenient location.

Q: What are the 3 different league types?

A: To give every member of Bachelor Nation a chance to join a Bachelor Fantasy League that fits their style, we have 3 different league options to choose from. You can learn more about them here.

Q: Okay, great. So can you tell us a little bit more about how this Advanced League works?

A: In our Advanced League, you will choose a team of contestants for each episode that will win or lose you points based on things that happen.

Q: What kinds of things?

A: Glad you asked. Our full list of rules for this season are listed below. Some can be earned repetitively, others can only be earned once.

The Bachelor, Season 22 – Fantasy Rules

One Time Rules
Can only be earned one time, by one contestant

First date involving heights     +2

First boat ride     +2

First kiss of season after limo intros end     +2

Contestant receives first impression rose     +2

First person to meet a member of Arie’s family     +2

First person to say they love Arie     +2

First hometown date     +2

First Fantasy Suite date to air     +2

First person to mention their child     +2

First plane ride     +2

First hot tub date with Arie     +1

First live musician date with Arie     +1

First contestant to steal Arie away from another contestant     +1

First solo time with Arie     +1

First person to say Arie is “family oriented”     +1

First discussion of a family death     -1

First person to get visibly drunk     -2

Ongoing Rules
Can be earned multiple times per episode, by multiple contestants

Rides in a race car with Arie     +2

Says “I’m not here to make friends”     +2

Has solo date out of country     +2

Has 1 on 1 conversation with Chris Harrison     +1

Comments on Arie’s kissing talent     +1

Tries exotic food     +1

Gets naked in front of The Bachelor (Fantasy Suite = Naked unless they explicitly say it doesn’t)     +1

Jumping into water holding hands with Arie     +1

Kisses Arie on lips at limo intro     +1

Brings a prop to their limo intro     +1

Says “This is a beautiful place to fall in love”     +1

Says someone is “not here for the right reasons”     +1

Receives a rose during a date (on top of regular rose bonus)     +1

Contestant’s name is on a date card +1

Advances     +1

Is described as “exotic” by Arie     +1

Wins a group competition (can be individually or as part of group)     +1

Gets physical (push, punch) with another contestant     -1

Requires an ambulance to be called     -1

Runs away from a rose ceremony     -1

Chosen for a 2 on 1 date     -1

Cries (happy or sad)     -1

Vomits     -1

Says something about Arie liking younger women     -2

Gets visibly drunk     -2

Dumped/Leaves outside the rose ceremony     -2

Mentions Peter     -2

Mentions Dean     -2

Mentions Emily     -2

Q: How often will our brackets be scored?

A: Leagues will automatically be scored after every episode. You’ll be able to see scoring breakdowns of who got points and why the were awarded every day following an episode.

Q: How often can I change who is on my team?

A: For Rose to Rose and Advanced leagues, you’ll be able to choose new contestants after every episode. First Impression league members will need to lock in all of their picks for the season before the start of the second episode.

Have other questions we didn’t answer? Let us know & we’ll add them to our FAQ. Not sure where to get started? We encourage you to join our Official Bach Bracket League, or Create a League of your own!