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When we created Bach Bracket, our goal was to make a site that was as streamlined and easy to use as possible. Completing this 4-minute read will make you a Bach Bracket pro and check out our Instagram highlights for some ‘how to’ videos for community creation, First Impression leagues, etc.

Creating an Account

In order to play fantasy on Bach Bracket, you’ll need to sign in with an existing account or create a new one. Start by going to the Sign In page, or clicking the Log In button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Previous Bach Bracket Users: If you’re an existing Bach Bracket user, enter the email address (lowercase letters, it’s case sensitive) you’ve previously signed up with, and your corresponding password. Note: We currently cannot support logging in via Facebook or Twitter, and some users are having trouble with .edu email addresses. If you previously signed up for Bach Bracket via one of these social media platforms, you might need to reset your password. Click the Forgot Password? button and follow the prompts.

New Bach Bracket Users:
Welcome to the squad! You can create an account on our Sign Up page.

Within your profile, you can upload a profile pic so users can see your beautiful face at the top of their league scoreboards and also Subscribe to emails to stay up to date with Bach Bracket updates as well as receive Pick Reminders and Scoring Recap emails weekly.

Creating a League

To get started on Bach Bracket, you’ll need to either create or join a league. Once you’re logged in, Click Here, or click the Play button in the primary navigation. This will direct you to the game portion of the site.

If you want to create a league, simply click Create League.

Forming Your Community

Having to re-rally your league members each time a new season starts is so Bach Bracket 1.0. Now, once players join your Community, they will be automatically eligible to join any leagues you create for future seasons. Join once, and they’re part of your squad until they choose not to be.

Simply give your Community a name, describe who should be in it, upload a logo that represents your group, and link any social accounts you choose (could be a league Facebook group, your favorite Bach memes Instagram account, etc).

Setting Up Game Types

If you’ve used Bach Bracket before, you know that there were previously 3 different league types available for you to join. All 3 of our classic game types are still available – plus a new game type called a Confidence Pool, which is a Rose to Rose league with a twist.

Based on feedback we received, many users liked playing multiple game types with the same league members. To make this easier on you, we now allow league commissioners to sign their league up for multiple game types per season, with a max of 3, all within the same league.

Just choose which types you want your league members to have as options. The best part is – they only have to make picks for the game types they’re interested in. Some might play in only one, some might play in all 3. Each will have its own scoreboard – so there is no downside in having some members active in more league types than others.

If you wish to remove a game type once the season has started, this feature is being implemented and will be available shortly.

Private vs. Public Leagues

Private leagues are just that – private. You get to decide who knows about the league and as the League Commissioner, can approve or reject anyone who wants to join. Want to keep the party growing? Public leagues can be created by anyone, and are open to everyone who wishes to join.

Be aware, if you choose the public option, your league members and scoreboard will be visible to anyone who logs into Bach Bracket and you will be unable to prevent people from joining your league (but the commissioner can remove people at any point).

Inviting Your Friends

The longer the scoreboard, the more fun the league. Once you’ve created your league – it’s time to invite your friends! Invite others to join your league by…

– Clicking the “Share With Friends” button within the league and sending that invite link to your friends (Private league only, working on fixing Public league button)
– Sending an email invitation
– If it’s a public league, telling friends your league name & having them use the Search function on the Leagues home page

Keep in mind, many leagues often have the same league name – so make sure they confirm the League Number (3-5 digit number located at the end of the league URL) before joining.

Joining a League

Public Leagues:
All of the public leagues available to join can be seen after logging in or clicking the Play button in the main navigation. Here, you can browse public leagues that have been created or search for a specific public league by name. There is no limit to the number of leagues you can join, so feel free to click leagues, read the descriptions, and join whichever ones appeal to you. You can leave leagues at any point during the season by clicking the “You’re A Member” button underneath the league icon, but please note that all of your data/scores will be erased if you end up wanting to rejoin in the future.

Private Leagues:
If you are trying to join a private league, you should receive an email or invite link from your league commissioner. Once you accept your invitation to join, you will have full access to the private league.

Choosing Your Game Types

For our Official Bach Bracket League, we’ve opened up 3 game types. Once you join the league, you are then able to play in as many (or as few) game types as you’d like. Only want to play in our Advanced game? No problem – you only need to make picks for that game type. Want to flex on Bachelor Nation by playing all 3? Easy. Just set picks for each game type by following the instructions below.

Making Your Picks

Once you’ve joined your league(s), it’s time for the most important part of fantasy Bachelor – making your picks. On the right side of your screen (or top on mobile), you’ll see a tab for each game type that is active within your league. When you click on the game type, you will be taken to the Picks screen. Each game type has different rules, so the way you make picks varies by game type. New to Bach Bracket 2.0 – picks save automatically, so no need to worry about unsaved picks or clicking a save button after making them. If you have late picks, we are working on adding a feature where commissioners can unlock ceremonies/episodes so you can enter late/unsaved picks. We hope to have this feature added soon.

First Impression

(Note: This season, no Rose Ceremony occurred during Episode 2, so deadlines are now to make picks before Episode 3 on 1/24, not Episode 2). For First Impression leagues, all picks for the full season are made prior to Episode 2. You will get to watch the very first episode of the season, gather your first impressions of the contestants, and then select who you believe will advance through each rose ceremony, all the way through the final rose. You will only set picks once for this game type, and picks will open AFTER Episode 1 is scored. Picks lock for the season when Episode 2 starts (8pm EST). Here are the number of contestants you should select to move forward at each Rose Ceremony: Rose Ceremony 2 – 18 picks, RC 3 – 15, RC 4 – 12, RC 5 – 9, RC 6 – 6, RC 7 – 4, RC 8 – 3, RC 9 – 2, RC 10 – 1.

Rose to Rose

In the most traditional form of a Bachelor bracket, the Rose to Rose game type, you will select contestants who you believe will be given a rose in the upcoming ceremony. Those who you do not pick are the ones you do not believe will receive a rose. You will make picks weekly for each ceremony in this game type. Picks will lock for each ceremony when each episode starts in Eastern Time.

Confidence Pool

New to Bach Bracket this season – the Confidence Pool game type is very similar to Rose to Rose, but with an extra twist. In addition to selecting who you think will get a rose at each ceremony, you also assign contestants point values based on how confident you are that they will get a rose. The higher the point value assigned, the more confident you are that they will receive a rose. You will make picks weekly for each ceremony in this game type. Picks will lock for each ceremony when each episode starts in Eastern Time.


The game type that put Bach Bracket on the map! Our original Bachelor fantasy game type, where you select a team of contestants each week and win (or lose!) points based on what they do and say in the episode. You will make picks weekly for every episode, regardless of whether there is a rose ceremony. Picks will lock for each episode when the episode starts in Eastern Time.

Checking Your Scores

We score each episode as it airs. Scores are typically posted after the episode airs on the west coast. We are working on adding a feature where users will be able to see other users’ picks, and hope to have it implemented soon.

First Impression Leagues – scored after each Rose Ceremony, correct choices will receive the point total = to the ceremony number (Ex: 4 points for every correct pick for Ceremony 4).

Rose to Rose Leagues – scored after each Rose Ceremony, correct choices will receive the point total = to the ceremony number (Ex: 4 points for every correct pick for Ceremony 4).

Confidence Pool – scored after each Rose Ceremony, correct choices will receive the point total ranked by how confident you were that they would receive a rose (Ex: Cassidy receives a Rose in Ceremony 1. Player A thought Cassidy was a lock to receive a rose for that Ceremony, and ranked her #21. Player B also thought Cassidy would receive a rose, but was a little uncertain so they ranked Cassidy #7. Even though both players correctly chose Cassidy to advance, Player A receives 21 points and Player B receives 7 points for that pick).

Advanced Leagues – scored after each Episode, receive points for each contestant that you selected for your team that week based on their actions from the episode in accordance with these ways to earn/lose points.

Important note: The general “Scoreboard” displays scores as a sum of a user’s scores from each game type. If your league is competing in more than 1 game type, it would be beneficial to make picks for all game types each week for the best chance to see yourself at the top of that League Scoreboard. However, there are also unique scoreboards within each game type so you can see how you fair in specific game modes.

Winning Your League

For every ceremony (First Impression, Rose to Rose, and Confidence Pool game types only), you will be awarded points for each of your picks that receives a rose. With each week that passes, picks become more valuable. Check the scoreboard to see who is at the top of your league and do everything you can to pass the competition!

A few key reminders:

-Brackets lock weekly at 8pm EST.

That’s 5pm PST for all of you West Coasters. This is the only way we can keep leagues fair and free of spoilers. Make sure your picks are made before this time. No picks, no points.

-Consider making picks for two ceremonies at a time.

If you’ve ever watched this show, you know that we can never guarantee that there will only be one rose ceremony during each episode – or that a ceremony will happen at all. To be safe Bach Bracket recommends ALWAYS having two brackets set before they lock each week.

-We are not affiliated with ABC.

Bach Bracket is not owned by, affiliated with, or operated under ABC. ABC owns all rights to contestant photos, footage, and other related assets. We are simply fans who love the show and have a competitive spirit. This brings us to our next point…

-This is not a gambling site.

The information, opinion, and recommendations on this website are for education and entertainment only. This information is not intended to violate any local, state, or federal laws, and all persons using this website are solely responsible for complying with the laws of the jurisdictions in which they reside. We do not intend to encourage or condone gambling in jurisdictions where it is prohibited or by persons who are under 18 years of age. Persons who place wagers on the basis of the information found on this website do so at their own risk and with full knowledge of the fact that predictions presented on this website can turn out to be wrong. We do not profit from any winnings and are not liable for any losses incurred as a result of the information or recommendations found on this website.

-We are here to help.

If you are looking for more answers or tips/tricks on how to be the best Bach Bracket player, reach out to your commissioner first as they may have some of those helpful hints. If you still need help, feel free to follow and DM us on Instagram and Twitter or send us an email at [email protected]

-If you want to support the growth of Bach Bracket so we can continually improve your experience…

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