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The Rules Are Simple

When we created Bach Bracket, our goal was to make a site that was as streamlined and easy to use as possible. Simply follow the rules below.

Create or Join a League

Pick Your Contestants

Win Bragging Rights!

Creating a League

To get started on Bach Bracket, you’ll need to either create or join a league. If you are creating a league, simply click “Create League” and choose whether you’d like it to be public or private. Private leagues are just that – private. You get to decide who knows about the league and as the League Admin, can approve or reject anyone who wants to join. Want to keep the party growing? Public leagues can be created by anyone, and are open to everyone who wishes to join.

Be aware, if you choose this option, your league members and scoreboard will be visible to anyone who logs into Bach Bracket and you will be unable to prevent people from joining your league.

Joining a League

If you’re looking to join a league, navigate over to the “Join a League” page. Here, you can browse public leagues that have been created or search for a specific public league by name. There is no limit to the number of leagues you can join, so feel free to click leagues, read the descriptions, and join whichever ones appeal to you.

If you are trying to join a private league, you should receive an email from your league admin. Once you accept your invitation to join, you will have full access to the private league.

Winning Your League

For every ceremony (First Impression and Rose to Rose Leagues only), you will be awarded points for each of your picks that receives a rose. With each week that passes, picks become more valuable. Check the scoreboard to see who is at the top of your league and do everything you can to pass the competition!

The Fine Print