Rose Rundown: Planes, Trains, and New TV Deals

By Bach Bracket

July 9th, 2021

Did you miss us? After a two-week hiatus, we are back with the freshest news from Bachelor Nation. This week we are discussing Chris Harrison’s new reality show venture and Carly Waddell’s health scare (she’s doing better now, thankfully). 

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Bad Blood

After receiving a $10 million settlement following his departure from The Bachelor franchise, Chris Harrison did what anyone would do with $10 million: travel the world and buy a new car, right? Nope! Chris is ready to get back to work and is already planning on creating a new reality dating show that rivals ABC’s award-winning franchise. We aren’t exactly sure what this show is going to look like, as Chris still has a year left on his non-compete clause, but we do know that he is itching to get back in front of those cameras.  

Sick on a Plane

Carly Waddell has lived through our nightmare; getting so sick on a plane that it requires medical professional attention (luckily, the plane hadn’t taken off yet). After hearing about Carly’s medical emergency a few weeks ago, the Bachelor and BIP alum has given us some more information about what happened. “I stopped being able to see and I stopped being able to hear,” and she passed out immediately after trying to stand up. The doctors are chalking the health scare up to a virus or bacteria, but they aren’t totally confident in that diagnosis. We are just glad Carly is feeling better and hope she gets some answers soon!

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Can We Steal You for a Sec?

  • Wills Reid (Bachelorette 14, BIP 6) is one year sober, and we are very proud of him for that! Happy sobriety birthday!
  • Michael A. from Katie’s season continues to warm America’s hearts, as he shared that he asked his late wife’s parents for permission to join this season of The Bachelorette.
  • First a Bachelor star and now an author – Madison Prewett’s book Made for This Moment: Standing Firm in Strength, Grace and Courage is coming to bookstores in October. Learn more about it here!

Do it for the Gram

We follow everyone, so you don’t have to. 

(H/T @laurenlane, Lauren Lane: Bachelor 20)

Lauren shares a very real post about her struggles with breast feeding. A great read!

(H/T @higgins.ben, Ben Higgins: Bachelorette 11, Bachelor 20)

Ben Higgins engagement photos look like they are from a magazine. 

(H/T @bacheloretteabc)

We are here for Greg and Connor B.’s bromance (and it makes for some great memes, too). 

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