The Bachelor & Bachelorette’s Top Three Most Cringeworthy Hometown Dates

By Bach Bracket

July 26th, 2016

It has been over a week now since Jojo went home to meet Chase, Jordan, Robby and Luke’s families for the first time, and I think we were all a little surprised at how swimmingly it went with the boys’ families. Yeah, there were a few hiccups: Jordan’s relationship with his brother (pro football player Aaron Rogers) and I think we were all expecting a little bit more from Jojo’s date with Luke, but all in all it went pretty well… especially when you consider some of the hometown disasters we’ve seen in the past. So let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember some of our favorite cringeworthy hometown dates…

1. Ben and Amanda


We all remember Amanda’s two adorable little girls who she gushed about all season. After talking about the girls, seeing photos, and even making hair barrettes for them, Ben was anxious to go to Amanda’s hometown in Santa Margarita California to meet the little girls, but upon his arrival, things did not go quite as well as planned. While at the beach, it quickly became apparent that the girls were not as fond of Ben as Amanda had grown to be. The girls were shy to start, eventually growing very cranky and crying in the car before returning home and refusing to go to sleep. While we loved Ben and Amanda together, it quickly became apparent that Ben may not be ready for that step-dad role just yet.

2. Jade and Chris

Many were surprised when Jade’s hometown rolled around. All season long, Jade came to be known by Chris and America as a soft spoken, never-hurt-a-fly kind of girl. However, when Chris went back to Jade’s hometown in Nebraska, he learned about a whole new side of Jade that took him by surprise. While stepping out for a quick chat, Jade’s brother told Chris that Jade was “a wild mustang” and Chris quickly found out what that meant when Jade revealed to him that she once posed for Playboy. Chris promised that it didn’t change his opinion of her, but sent her home at the next rose ceremony.

3. Jojo and Ben

At this point in Ben’s season all eyes were on Jojo. She was fun, cute, and Ben was clearly into her. However, when Ben got to Jojo’s hometown in Texas, he was facing an uphill battle with Jojo’s family. It didn’t take long for us to catch on to the fact that Jojo’s brothers were not huge fans of Ben. How, you might ask? They said his answers to their questions sounded rehearsed and they questioned how much Ben really cared about their sister.. In hindsight, listen to your brothers next time, Jojo. The night ended on a sour note and we weren’t the only ones left with that awkward taste in our mouths – Jojo’s mom went straight for the bottle.

Cheers to what’s to come…

While there have been many awkward dates recently, there have been many in the past, and there are so many more to come – the crazy cast on the future seasons of these shows will make sure of it. So which hometown date ranks #1 in your most difficult to watch list? Which hometown moments were your absolute favorite? Tweet @bachbracket and let us know!