The Bachelor in Paradise Drinking Game

By Bach Bracket

August 13th, 2017

Are you ready for The Bachelor in Paradise? The answer to that is a hard no if you don’t have a drinking game to compliment the dramatic and sometimes cringe-worthy show. Let’s be honest, what is Bachelor in Paradise without a glass (or bottle) of wine to go alongside it?

We’ve created a drinking game that pairs perfectly with Bachelor in Paradise. With easy to follow rules, you’ll find that this game makes the show THAT much better.

Print it, share it, do whatever you may with it, but whatever you do, be sure to follow these rules and don’t bow out!

Written Rules

Take one sip whenever:

  • Someone says “I’m not ready to leave paradise”
  • A crab is shown
  • Someone cries
  • Chris Harrison uses the word “dramatic”
  • A contestant is shown eating in the episode
  • Someone receives a date card to give out

Take two sips whenever:

  • Someone mentions Tanner and Jade
  • Someone mentions Carly and Evan
  • Contestant is seen taking a shot
  • Make out in the sand or the ocean
  • Someone gets taken out by a wave
  • A producer or crew member comes into frame

Finish your drink if:

  • Someone has a black box over them
  • Someone says they are falling in love
  • An ambulance comes
  • Someone has a 1 on 1 conversation with a bartender

Disclaimer: Bach Bracket cannot be held responsible for any drunken shenanigans that occur as a direct result of playing this drinking game.