The Bachelor Tweet Recap 01/22/2018

By Bach Bracket

January 22nd, 2018

Goodbye mansion, hello Tahoe!

Kendall was stoked.

First Tahoe date was Sienne. Love you girl, not feeling Arie.

Confused? Let us explain…

Next up was an outdoorsy group date. Kendall slayed.

Krystal really shined in a group setting…eye roll

We finally got the Bekah date where Arie finds out how old she is.

With all that being said, she most certainly is not the most immature this season.

…or last.

She still got the rose, but she also got the scariest kiss of every girl’s life.

The final rose came down to Krystal, Brittany, and Caroline…

Somehow Krystal got the rose.

But let’s remember what we have to look forward to.