The Bachelor Voting Game

By Bach Bracket

December 16th, 2016

Season after season we invest our time, wine drinking, and bracket making into The Bachelor. We know the contestants inside and out; the sweethearts, the villains, and who’s there for the right reasons. Best bach couple? Kaitlyn and Shawn, obviously. Best villain? Tierra for sure. Best proposal? Catherine and Sean-her letter gets the waterworks going. The answers are simple, right?

…Or are they? This is exactly why we love the @bachelorbabes voting games on insta. #bachelornation votes for their least favorite and one by one choices are eliminated until we have the last choice, or officially declared “best,” left standing.

Below you can check out who holds which title so far and on insta you can find @bachelorbabes to cast your vote. We are personally waiting for Best Limo Entrance, but we’ll keep that to ourselves and cast our vote when it’s time.

Best Bachelor in Paradise Couple: Jade and Tanner

Jade & Tanner Couple Pictures

Now here at Bach Bracket we are huge Carly and Evan fans, so for that reason we were so happy to see that it ended up being so close that is was basically called a tie, but in all fairness that means Jade and Tanner got just as many votes, so we accept it. Now if we were voting for cutest Christmas photos, these two take it hands down.


Worst Villain in Bachelor History: Kelsey Poe

Kelsey Poe & Bachelor Villains

Or as you might remember her, “The Black Widow” from Chris Soules’ season. One of our favorite Kelsey moments was the infamous 2-on-1 that left her and her nemesis Ashely I. stuck on an island together… We’ll just leave this here in case you need a reminder.




Favorite Bachelor Couple: Sean and Catherine

Catherine & Sean Couples PicturesDid we already mention Catherine’s letter before the proposal? God we love these two. During the season it felt like Catherine came out of nowhere, but when we rewatched some of the earlier episodes every moment between these two were exactly why they would take the favorite bach couple title… and don’t even get us started on their adorable baby.

Vote Now, Vote Often

So there you have it. Don’t agree with the winners? Get voting. Have an idea for a voting game? Let @bachelorbabes know! We’re looking forward to officially meeting all of Nick’s contestants and maybe welcoming a new favorite bach couple!