— snatched bach (@thebachelornat2) June 15, 2021

There was a Q&A portion, and a… performance portion.

Hopefully Yosef’s household wasn’t tuned in.

Connor pled his best-lover case well,

James stayed on brand,

and Karl made us regret ever watching this show.

In an ending no one saw coming, Mike tugged at every heart string and won the trophy.

There were some one-on-one convos to wrap up the evening portion of the date, Thomas got the rose, and we got major red flag vibes from Karl.


Greg got the first 1-on-1 with a special fishing date that reminded Katie of her dad.

Katie opened up about losing her dad, and Greg could have done absolutely anything and it would have been better than what he did,

but during their dinner, Greg opened up about losing his dad and they had a moment, leaving everyone in tears.

The final date of the episode consisted of flannels, boots, cowboy hats, and denim. We were INTO it,

but this is Bachelorette and we can’t have nice things, so Aaron and Cody were paired up for mud wrestling, their beef was uncovered, and drama ensued.

Aaron revealed Cody is just here for the fame.

Katie confronted Cody, and because she isn’t putting up with any BS, sent him home.