The Bachelorette Tweet Recap 06/28/2021

By Bach Bracket

June 28th, 2021

Tonight was a lesson in “not here for the right reasons.”

We start off with a discussion about Thomas saying he had thought about being the next Bachelor.
The day portion of the date got a little weird, but remained drama-free.
The night portion took a turn for the drama, but not before Andrew S. wined and dined Katie with Taco Bell. Which we didn’t hate, to be clear.
While the Thomas drama was around the corner, our boy Andrew wasn’t gonna be the one to ruin things.
— Colleen (@colleenk727) June 29, 2021
Tre on the other hand…
But somehow, Tre got the group date rose.
Blake finally showed his face, and understandably Katie had some questions…
and so did we.
Before the rose ceremony, Thomas visited Katie.
During the rose ceremony, Thomas gave a lil speech.
A lil audition*
And in what felt like the worst decision ever, Katie called Thomas’ name while holding the last rose…But you know Katie doesn’t mess around and sent him home. ?
and I quote
And finally, Katie asked Blake to stay.