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Choose a new team each week. Your players earn or lose points based on these rules. For more information on this league type, read this.

Bachelorette Season 17

Patreon-submitted Rule of the Week – Week 10 (For 8/9 episode): -5 pts Contestant does not propose

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General Rule of the Week – Week 10 (For 8/9 episode): +10 pts Contestant says to Katie they are “ready/can’t wait to do/start/spend life with you”
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(Both rules will be in effect for all Advanced League players)

One Time Points

Can only be earned by one contestant during the season. 


One Time Bonuses

+5 Points

Contestant receives second overall rose on night one (awarded on top of regular rose bonus)
First solo time with Katie (after limos)
First Fantasy Suite date to air
First official hometown date

+10 Points

First contestant to mention their pet to Katie
Contestant receives first impression rose
First kiss with Katie after limo intros end
First person to mention their child to Katie
First contestant to tell Katie “I am falling in love with you”
First person to meet a member of Katie’s family

+15 Points

First person to say “I love you” to Katie

+20 Points

First contestant Katie says “I love you” to


One Time Penalties

Can only be lost one time by one contestant during the season.


-5 Points

First to say the word “bully”


-10 Points

First to mention Sarah Trott
First person to mention Matt James
First person to get sent home on a one-on-one date


Positive Points

Can only be earned during the limo intros by multiple contestants.


+5 Points

Contestant brings a prop to their limo intro
Contestant wears a costume or uniform to their limo intro

+10 Points

Contestant kisses Katie on lips at limo intro
Speaks a language other than English during limo intros



Can only be earned once per episode, by multiple contestants.


+5 Points

Contestant is seen eating (food must be seen entering mouth)
Contestant sings or raps
Contestant is seen in hot tub
Kisses Katie
Kisses Katie on a bed (both contestant and Katie must be on the bed)(on top of kissing bonus)
1-on-1 hot tub date with Katie
Katie gives contestant a wraparound/jump & straddle hug (contestant picks up Katie and she wraps her legs around contestant)
Kisses Katie in water (both contestant & Katie in ocean/pool/hot tub)(on top of kissing bonus)
Contestant asks if they can “steal” Katie away from another contestant
Uses the word “connection” or “journey”
Horseback riding date
Live musician (solo with Katie)
Date involves animals
Contestant is featured speaking in a post-credit scene (laughing does not count)

+10 Points

Contestant is on camera shirtless
Boat ride with Katie (not a personal watercraft)
Rides in a plane with Katie
Dances with Katie (Katie must also be dancing)
Contestant wins a group competition (can be individually or as part of group)
Naked in front of Katie (Fantasy Suite = naked, unless explicitly said otherwise)
Rides in a helicopter with Katie
Kiss outside in the rain or snow
Katie tells contestant “I love you”

+15 Points

Has 1 on 1 conversation with Tayshia and/or Kaitlyn
Contestant plays a musical instrument
Date includes fireworks

+20 Points

Contestant wins solo time after a group date (2 on 1 or more)


Can be earned multiple times per episode, by multiple contestants.



Contestant receives rose (with points equal to the episode number (episode 1 = 1 point, episode 2 = 2 points, etc.))

+5 Points

Contestant is chosen for a date
First to be seen hugging Katie during a group date
Contestant receives rose during a date (on top of regular rose bonus)
Contestant refers to Katie as his “girlfriend”
Contestant says “I was hoping it would be you/her/Katie” or “I was hoping for you/her/Katie”
Contestant says “I’m here for you/her/Katie”
Reads the date card
Contestant says “I am ready for love”
Contestant says “I can/do see a future with you/her/Katie”


+10 Points

Contestant says someone is “Not here for the right reasons”
Contestant says this is a “beautiful place to fall in love”
Contestant says “I don’t want this to end”
Jumping into water holding hands with Katie

+15 Points

Contestant is seen popping a bottle of champagne
Contestant says “I’m not here to make friends”


Negative Points

Can only be penalized during the limo intros by multiple contestants.


-5 Points

Contestant brings a vibrator to the limo entrances.
Contestant says a “buzz” pun when they meet Katie during their limo entrance.



Can be lost once per episode, by multiple contestants.


-5 Points

Contestant is seen taking a shot
Contestant sneaks into Katie’s residence outside of sanctioned date time
Katie says contestant “won’t/will not/hasn’t open(ed) up”

-10 Points

Runs away in the middle of a rose ceremony
Dumped/leaves outside of a rose ceremony
Contestant leaves of their own accord/not sent home by Katie
Steals Katie from another contestant when he already has a rose

-15 Points

Contestant says: “I’m not ready for marriage” / “I’m not ready to get married” / “I’m not ready to get engaged” / “I’m not ready to be engaged”
Non-sanctioned violence (push, punch) against another contestant (e.g. a contestant on a wrestling date would not lose points)
Selected for a 2 on 1 date

-20 Points

Requires an ambulance being called (the injured person loses the points, not the causer of the injury)
Brings up an ex who was a past Bach contestant
Contestant’s ex shows up