Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay was first shown on last season’s season of The Bachelor, featuring Nick Viall as The Bachelor. A 31-year-old attorney from Dallas, Texas, Rachel was clearly educated, mature, and ready to find love. Nick & viewers quickly latched onto Rachel, and her receiving the first impression rose was the first sign that she & Nick had chemistry.

Rachel progressed through the season as a clear front-runner. She took a drama-free approach and focused on the relationship that she had with Nick. While viewers thought she could end up winning Nick’s heart, we were quickly informed otherwise when ABC decided to unveil Rachel as the next Bachelorette before her elimination (LOL what?). Unsurprisingly, two or so weeks later, Nick & Rachel’s relationship was not as strong as Nick’s relationships with other women, so he ultimately let her go just after fantasy suite dates.

Rachel is more than ready to find love, and we expect a diverse & intelligent group of men this season. While Rachel has the ultimate say over who she ends up with, there’s nothing better than choosing who she SHOULD end up with. Sign up for Bach Bracket, create a league, & outshine your competition!