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Michelle Young


Full Name: Michelle Young
Hometown: Edina, Minnesota
Profession: Elementary School Teacher

Michelle, a 28-year-old from Edina, Minnesota, entered onto Matt James’ season of The Bachelor a few weeks after the premiere. Bachelor Nation quickly pondered about her as a potential winner when Matt posted about Michelle being “better late than never”. We all quickly found out why she made such an impression on Matt.

A former Division I basketball player and now an Elementary School Teacher, Michelle had a good amount of airtime on Matt’s season and for good reason: she and Matt had a real connection right away, one that many other pre-existing contestants on the show grew jealous of.

Michelle is smart, well spoken, beautiful, and loved by her students, as we saw in Matt’s season. She was taken by surprise when Matt said he couldn’t see a future with her, but Bachelor Nation knew they wanted more of Michelle. Rumor has it that Michelle could not accept the gig as The Bachelorette until she was on summer break, as she didn’t want to take even more time away from her students. Let’s hope Michelle found her summer (and lifetime) love!