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Katie Thurston

Bank Marketing Manager
Full Name: Katie Thurston
Hometown: Renton, Washington


Katie, a 30-year old Marketing Manager from Renton, Washington, made herself known on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, touting a vibrator as she stepped out of the limo.

We saw a different side to Katie when we learned that she had a sad story when she shared that her father passed away years ago. Over the course of the season, Katie became vocal about the bullying that took place in the house, advocating for Sarah and a group of newer women that entered the show a few episodes in. She was targeted by multiple women in the house for speaking up for the bullied, but never backed down and quickly won over Bachelor Nation in the process.

As was made clear in her debut on The Bachelor, Katie encourages sexual empowerment for females. She has a fun-loving sense of humor, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and does not back down. We can’t wait to watch her as our next Bachelorette.