Sip, drink, and chug as you watch The Bachelorette.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for drunken shenanigans or Tuesday morning hangovers that occur as a result of playing along. Enjoy.

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The Bachelorette Drinking Game

Hannah Brown The Bachelorette Drinking Game

In Words…

One Sip

  • Contestant says “journey,” “future,” or “marriage”
  • The boys perform in front of a live crowd of people
  • A contestant takes his shirt off
  • Someone gets injured
  • A contestant is bleeped out
  • Contestant receives rose outside of a ceremony
  • One of the guys sing to Hannah
  • Anyone says “Roll Tide”
  • Chris Harrison announces “the final rose tonight”

Two Sips

  • A group date is announced
  • Contestant says “falling in love”
  • Hannah mentions Colton
  • Someone talks about being cheated on
  • The boys spy on Hannah during a 1-on-1 date
  • Cocktail hour is cancelled

Finish Your Drink

  • Someone cries
  • A 2-on-1 date is announced
  • Someone says they are “in love” with Hannah
  • The guys start fighting