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Work on that summer bod as you watch The Bachelorette.

Disclaimer: Bach Bracket will take credit for any toning or health benefits that occur as a result of playing along. Enjoy.

The Bachelorette Fitness Game

The Bachelorette Drinking Game Katie Thurston Season 17

In Words…

Five Jumping Jacks

  • Contestant says “journey” or “connection”
  • A contestant is on camera shirtless
  • The men perform in front of a live crowd of people
  • Contestant sings or raps
  • Helicopter ride
  • Boat ride
  • Contestant receives rose during a date
  • Anyone says the word “bully”
  • A contestant is bleeped out

Sixty Second Plank

  • Date includes fireworks
  • Someone is seen popping a bottle of champagne
  • An ambulance is called
  • Someone mentions their ex
  • A date card is read
  • Contestant plays a musical instrument

Ten Burpees

  • A 2-on-1 date occurs
  • Non-sanctioned violence occurs (i.e. outside of a wrestling date)
  • Someone says they are “in love” with The Bachelorette