Bachelor Tweet Round Up | 2/20/17

By Bach Bracket

February 21st, 2017

Hometowns Are Here..

And if there is one thing we’ve all been waiting for, it’s Raquel.

While some of us take a more practical approach to hometowns..

Raven took different approach:

And while we didn’t get an “I love you” this time around-people don’t forget.

People’s outlook on Rachel’s chances were grim. We wonder why?

And then we had Corinne. From Nick’s “love” of olives to the lack of cheese pasta, there was a lot to say.

Vanessa’s family got real with the questions. Being your fourth time on the show Nick, you really hadn’t thought about this stuff yet?

And as many people guessed it from last week’s previews, Andi showed up, but surprise, almost everything was put off for next week.

After all was said and done, the lack of rose ceremonies was a big topic of discussion. Can someone remind us what those are again?