Bachelorette Options, Season 15 – Thinking Outside the Top 4

By Bach Bracket

March 11th, 2019

As Colton’s season of The Bachelor comes to a close, it’s that time of year where everyone and their moms (literally, my mom won’t stop texting me about it) starts trying to guess who will be the next Bachelorette. While it used to be pretty much guaranteed that the new franchise lead would be chosen from the final remaining group of Bachelor contestants, ABC has recently proven that they’re willing to throw tradition to the wind if necessary. This has led to all kinds of speculation about who the new Bachelorette could be. Because there are so many options swirling around, we’re breaking down the most likely, outlandish, and loved suggestions we’ve heard – OUTSIDE of Colton’s Top 4.

The Barely Missed Its

Hannah B


Despite her feud with Colton’s 3rd runner up Caelynn and her inability to make a simple champagne toast, Hannah B, aka Alabama Hannah, aka Hannah “It’s My (B)irthday” became a fan favorite this season, despite not making it to the Top 5. As soon as she was sent home, there were calls for this sweet, southern pageant queen to be the next Bachelorette. If the producers are looking to widen the circle of eligible current season contestants, Hannah is likely at the top of the list.


While this bound-for-Paradise goddess doesn’t necessarily have the traditional ~vibes~ of the Bachelorette, it’s hard to argue that she wouldn’t produce one of the most entertaining seasons in history – something that we desperately need. She’s sassy, hilarious, loyal, and would give us enough gifs to fill the next 10 seasons of live tweets.

The Celebrity

Khloe Kardashian

After the completely shocking, zero-percent unpredictable news that Tristan’s a worthless cheater caused the Kylie Jenner/Jordyn Wood scandal to break out, there was a wave of rumors (propagated by The Bachelor producers) that Khloe was once again in the running to be the next Bachelorette. People had very strong feelings about the idea, and all kinds of people began weighing in on the likelihood that ABC cast a celebrity as their lead. However, if a celebrity Bachelorette is what they’re looking for, ABC might need to look elsewhere. The Kardashian family has fired back at the idea that Khloe would even consider the show and has made it pretty clear how they feel about the franchise.

While some people are excited by the idea of switching up the status quo and bringing in a fresh(er) face, there is always the fear that straying too far from the beaten path could get us another random like Arie. So caution isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As much as we’d like to speculate on the outcome, ABC has made it clear that they will always pick the person they want, regardless of what anyone asks for. Whoever they choose, I can’t wait to complain about them until May, then proceed to watch every single episode… like I always do.

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