Bachelorette Tweet Roundup | 5/22/17

By Bach Bracket

May 23rd, 2017

The Premiere is FINALLY Here

And Rachel, in true Rachel fashion, is endearing, clever, sweet, beautiful.. and a dog lover.

Although, people don’t forget.

Rachel got the squad back together! some of our favs from Nick’s season..

..and some others

We met some of the men… and Lucas

Finally time for the limo entrances. Bring on the men!

Then we remember what limo entrances really mean… crazy first impressions

And yet Rachel kept it together.

Moving into the mansion, there was the fancy suit guy-

and Mohit.

There was also a kiss, but you’re better off not knowing.

So by this point we know we’re saying goodbye to whaboom guy and holding onto Blake K… and then the producers slide into Rachel’s RC.

And then ABC hits us with what might actually be the most dramatic preview of a Bach season ever.

Cannot wait for next Monday.