Most Damaging Moments of “The Bachelorette” so Far

By Bach Bracket

December 7th, 2020

This season of The Bachelorette has been wild shocking dramatic unprecedented unpredictable to say the least. But from breakups to breakdowns, one thing we can always count on is that our contestants never fail to get themselves into sticky situations. We’ve partnered up with damage-control expert, Pantene to bring you this season’s most damaging moments.

Yosef’s Outburst

It all started with a group date that Yosef… wasn’t even on. While we also weren’t huge fans of the strip dodgeball date, and had some strong feelings about it ourselves, Yosef’s general approach, reaction, lack of empathy, inability to listen, constant interruption, name calling… the list goes on and on and on, made it impossible to support any valid points he had. To even further damage any credibility Yosef had left, he said the reason he was so upset was because “If my daughter saw me doing that…think of the example that would be setting.” Not sure disrespecting Clare to that degree set a better one.

Chasen and the Smokeshow

After Clare ended her time as the Bachelorette, Tayshia stepped in and met what was left of the contestants. Chasen, for whatever reason, found one word to describe our intelligent, funny, honest, mature (the list goes on) Bachelorette: smokeshow. While the word isn’t wrong, Tayshia is gorgeous, it’s all he used to describe her. Not one other word to describe her looks or god forbid, personality. He also never said it to Tayshia, he only said it to the rest of the guys, which really damaged his credibility. Chasen’s hair, A+. His compliments, C- at best.

Bennett, the Math-Challenged Harvard Grad

While math and spelling errors are possibly the most relatable thing to happen this season, the real damage came when Bennett bragged that “growing up, school was not challenging, you know, whatsoever” … then proceeded to struggle with basic addition. He also led into the group date competition with the confident statement “I did go to Harvard, and I think that is playing into my favor. Yeah, I think I’m, you know, in the sort of upper echelon…I’m certainly the smartest.” A real job & bougie mimosas in bed? Hot. Cocky, without backing it up? Not.

Repairing the Damage

While these guys might never be able to repair the damage done, they can actively work on preventing it moving forward, just like Pantene’s core collection works to prevent up to 90% of future hair damage. This nutrient-rich core collection work from the inside out to build up hair’s immunity to damage from hot tools and everyday styling.

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Here’s hoping these guys can repair the damage to their reputation just as effectively.