The Bachelor Recap – Season 24 – Episode #4 🌹

By Bach Bracket

January 28th, 2020

1. And they are off to Ohio. And to be honest it’s a relief because these girls are far to immature to fly out of the country without their parents.

2. I hope Kiarra remembered to pack her lingery.

3. On behalf of all Canadians, I would like to personally apologize for Mykenna’s unusual/annoying behavior. I promise we aren’t all like that.

4. Of course they used rollercoasters as a metaphor for falling in love.

5. Peter – “I’m really excited about tonight because Victoria loves country music”

Haha. Yes, yes she does.

6. Poor Peter. He thinks he just pulled off such a nice surprise for Victoria F and meanwhile she’s low key wishing she was on the sex story date being hosted by Hannah B.

7. That moment when Peter was sitting at dinner with Victoria and he realized that the producers are out here doing the devil’s work.

8. Peter, you pulling Victoria P aside to massage and canoodle on the sidelines in front of all of the girls, I mean….rude.

9. Find yourself a friend like Natasha.

10. Victoria P downplaying her friendship with Alayah is like Jed downplaying his relationship with Haley. We all know it’s BS.

11. Quit trying to make “my truth” happen. It’s not going to happen.

12. The size of the couch that Peter and the pageant girls are sitting on is giving me anxiety.

13. Currently starting a “please no more pageant girls” petition for next season.

14. I’m not saying that Victoria P is a manipulative psychopath but I’m also not saying that Victoria P isn’t a manipulative psychopath.

15. Alayah has been on this date for 34 seconds and she just got the group date rose? Peter what is you doing.

16. I think the champagne finansco knocked some serious sense into Kelsey because she handled the news about Alayah coming back like an actual adult. And I think that’s the first and last time we will hear the word “adult” being used this season.


17. Apparently Peter is 93 years old because we learned that he is extremely passionate about polka dancing?

18. Peter, Nick Viall called and be wants his turtleneck back.

19. When the girls were calling peter out for giving Alayah the group date rose I was living for it but I also wanted to give that poor boy a hug because you can see how badly he is struggling.

20. Lexi finally spoke so that was nice.

21. I know y’all are struggling with this season. But if you think this is bad, just wait until BIP.

Hilariously guest posted by Megan.

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