The Bachelor Tweet Recap 02/26/2018

By Bach Bracket

February 26th, 2018

We’re in Peru and it’s fantasy suite time!

Kendall and Arie actually looked they had a great time dune buggy-ing and sandboarding, but we can’t forget about the competition.

While she wasn’t proposal ready, she was fantasy suite ready.

Next up was Bachelor Nation’s fav…

And it was exactly what we expected.

And Arie loved it.

…no really.

And so did Lauren… In so many words.

Last up was Becca.

And we were all waiting for the same thing. Her ex.

After a whole season of Arie, Bachelor Nation was thirsty.

His name and love for proposals did not go unnoticed.

We felt for the guy,

but Arie did not.

We all know who to blame thank for Ross though.

Ultimately we said goodbye to Kendall, but something tells us she’s gonna be okay.

Here’s looking forward to next week.