The Bachelorette Tweet Recap 07/02/2018

By Bach Bracket

July 2nd, 2018

We kick things off in Virginia

…and by kick things off we mean Chris and Lincoln continue to steal precious air time from Wills and Blake.

Watching the other guys react is a fair trade off tho. Same guys. Same.

Jason got the first 1-one-1 date. He was a majestic angel and if you didn’t tear up during dinner, you are a monster.

…but we do still have some questions.

You have our signatures.

Next was a cringe-worthy group date debate, but there were some highlights.

This of course was followed by more Chris drama, so we sought comfort elsewhere. Shout out to Leo and Jason.

And Blake.

And Connor’s glasses.

Miss you already.

Leo smashed his 1-on-1.

The whole time we were trying to figure out where we recognized him from…

We just couldn’t put our finger on it though.

All the guys just look so familiar.

Cut back to the drama and Chris’ concern over Lincoln’s diet.

“Actions speak louder than words,” so Chris decided to walk over to Becca’s place unannounced.

This left us with a rose ceremony where we said goodbye to Connor. RIP Connor’s glasses.

To end this on a positive note, Wills.