The Bachelorette Tweet Recap 07/05/2021

By Bach Bracket

July 5th, 2021

Tonight was an emotional rollercoaster.

It was almost like the producers knew what was coming for us, so they gave the world a little hope with this amazing bromance.
Then in true Bach fashion that hope was crushed in the same breath as the guys found out about Blake and he got the 1-on-1.
But like the queen she is, Katie talked to the guys about the Blake situation. Didn’t make the guys feel better, but made us love her more.
Blake’s first date with Katie was also our first horseback riding date of the season.
— peter’s golf cart (@petersgolfcart) July 6, 2021
While not everyone is feeling the Blake Katie vibes, they really hit it off during their date.
The end of the date really delivered though. Damn it feels good to be back.
Next up was a group date with interesting uniform choices.
Things got a little rough on the field
And our sweet baby angel Michael A got hurt 🥺 💔
During the cocktail party, Michael A. shared his story about his wife with the guys and we are both wrecked and have hope for the future.
After all the physical and emotional pain poor Michael A. went through… Hunter got the group date rose.
While the pain was still front and center from the group date, Andrew’s 1-on-1 helped us start to heal,
and Andrew and Katie had such an important and meaningful discussion.
Hunter, who already undeservedly had a rose set up a 1-on-1 date during the cocktail party… so James eventually asked if he could steal Katie.
Hunter shared some of his thoughts and feels about the day. 🙄
So to top off the night, just when we were starting to recover from the flood of feelings during this ep, they dropped a monster of a mid-season preview on us.