The Bachelorette Tweet Recap 07/09/2018

By Bach Bracket

July 9th, 2018

We’re in The Bahamas!

But also, the relationships might last a little longer if we went the Detroit route.

Colton had the first 1-on-1, and the main plot point was his virginity, which was either strategic,

or real af and we’re all assholes.

Garrett was up next. Meh.

For any EDT watchers, we had yet another Trump interruption.

Let us remember it could be worse.

Unless you’re our neighbors to the north.

Blake’s 1-on-1 was next, which featured yet another relevant music group.

Later in the date Blake opened up, which Becca wanted, but his mom might not have wanted…

We are looking forward to that hometown though.

And finally we had a 3-on-1 with Wills, Leo, and Jason. Leo was the first to get sent home… in the middle of nowhere… with no exit interview.

Ultimately Jason got the rose and we said goodbye to Wills. WILLS.

We really hope we see you and your killer fashion sense again Wills.